​By asserting her superiority over them at every turn and placing her faith in the institution which made her promises of freedom she never received, she was left alone once that institution was dismantled. 

“Living in the Panopticon: Resistance to Surveillance in Orphan Black"

This was the distinction that our family’s ethics hinged upon. My mother never lied to the woman. She allowed the woman to make her own associations. Our family code was very clear about this: a lie of omission is not a lie. A secret is not a lie. If you were confronted with a direct question, you were obligated to tell the truth. Sometimes this did not require the whole truth. The quest for answers depended upon asking the right question.​

"In the Company of Liars"

They disappeared together one day. My mother’s father, my Pop, who lived next door, saw them pull away in my Daddy’s diesel truck, which growled down the highway. No one knew where they went. They were gone for two days. We couldn’t call the cops because they were two grown men who left of their own volition. When they came back, they never admitted where they went. They only said that they had 'gone for a ride.' 

"Good Ole Boys Like Me"

"Country music has incredible narratives about high-drama situations: adventure, crumbling marriages, tragic accidents, murder, and—my favorite high-drama narrative—the cost of ambition. When you are raised listening to high drama, that influences the types of stories you are drawn to and the ones you want to tell."

Interview - Q&A with contributor Brandi Bradley

[Millie] thought she’d imagined it, until she heard it again and sat up quickly on the mattress. After she flipped on the lamp, she gasped at the sight of it sitting in the blue chair. It looked like a blob of flesh, like someone dumped a mound of clay onto a wheel. It was Jabba the Hut with boobs and a bob haircut, draped in red in what looked like an old nylon nightgown. 


Taylor sat across from her mother, her arms folded tight against her chest. The pregnancy test box—shocking pink and white, covered in plus and minus signs—glistened under the dome of the glass cake plate. 

"The Tournament"

This was last August at Florida State University, before Hurricane Hermine brought with it chaos and a Hoof and Mouth outbreak. Someone threw a “Girls Only” party where the attendees got sloppy drunk and documented the revelry on Snapchat.

"Grigio Girls"

Titled "BBC's Orphan Black's Slow Narrative Reveals a Foucauldian Prison Structure", this academic article compared the narrative structure of the television program Orphan Black to Foucault's analysis of the French children's prison, The Mettray.

Orphan Black and Foucault

Lincoln Humanities Journal - Fall 2016

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