Take a Break

July 3, 2019


      If you are here looking for your regular injection of books, boots, creative journaling, binge watching, literary takes, or planner obsessions, fear not. I'm taking July off, but I will return in August with everything you love and more. 

     This also means, I am taking a break from assembling the regular Books and Boots Weekly Roundup. Feel free to dig around in the Archives while I am gone. Also, don't forget that the Books and Boots Weekly Roundup reaches subscribers before anyone else. I you want to see all the lovely goodies first, sign up here.

     The last project, The Sweetheart Project, was the 12-week exploration into my writing and personal journals, which was so beneficial to me. Through that project, I was able to reflect on how much I have changed over the past 18 months, how much my children have changed, and how much my writing has changed.

     One of my teaching friends likes to ask her students when they take the time to reflect on everything they absorb all day. I think this is an important question to ask ourselves. I am fortunate enough that I can take the time to write in my journal in the mornings and explore where all my complicated feelings, ideas, dreams, and reactions really come from. And while journaling is not for everyone, taking a break from the constant consumption of content (as well as other people's feelings about everything via social media) is helpful for everyone.

     In the meantime, I am already bookmarking, flagging, and tagging things which spark joy to share with you upon my return. Because sharing makes me happy. Thank you for reading and reaching out to tell me that you also enjoyed things I have shared. 

     I am always open for cool new things. If you have a nugget of joy you wish to share, comment below or look for me @bebebradley on Twitter or @brandibradleysboots on Instagram.

     Read books. Wear boots.

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